In the competitive world of media, well-honed, carefully nutured relationships with media contacts enable us to create opportunities and get results faster.

Our alliance with deborah knight public relations allows us to give you access to the main movers in Canadian media, and to develop unique opportunities to get your brand message broadcast as widely as possible, or narrowcast to targeted audiences.

We also believe in leveraging new media opportunities, to break geographical constraints of your marketing, and to access new audiences, and engage them interactviely.

Our alliance with LoGograph targeted marketing and strategic communications allows us to give you access to top-flight new media collateral and campaigns, including:

  •     web development or product micro-site development
  •     Flash and interactive online media
  •     Broadcast media, from promo spots to commercials
  •     Targeted email campaign tools, with trackable results
  •     Custom E-Invites for VIP events and Press invitations
  •     Award-Winning advertising campaign creative

 Our alliance with the KIDOONS Network allows us to give you access to a massive Family market of children, parents, and educators.  Unparallelled opportunities not only for advertising, but to actually develop immersive content and online experiences.