Executive And Team Performance

We employ coaching technologies even when offering agency services. Why? It works.

Consulting tells you what to do, however often the lessons are soon forgotten. Coaching is collaborative. It works with your inherent strengths and knowledge to co-create an
improved and sustainable situation. A recent Manchester Inc. study of Fortune 500 companies who employed Coaching Companies recently revealed:

  • Organizational strength increased by 48%·        
  • Productivity increased 53%·        
  • Customer service - 39%·        
  • Bottom line profitability- 22%·        
  • Cost reductions – 23%·        
  • Executive retention 32%·        
  • Teamwork – 67%·        
  • Job satisfaction 61%·        
  • Confliction Reduction 52%

Increase your strength, increase your service, and increase your bottom line.

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